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December 3, 2011

Zak Smith

Hey y'all!

So I'm gonna tell you guys about this dude called Zak Smith. This is a guy who, with the help of his band, makes brilliant, outstanding music! I very recently noticed this band, and I immediatly sent a message asking them permission to write an entry about them.

Zak Smith is a songwriter born in New Jersey. The band was formed in 2010 in New York City, and involves Gavi Grodsky (guitar), Dave Smith (bass), Keith Robinson (drums) Milan Sudzuk, Kurt Thum (keyboard), Jessica Labus (backing vocals) and of course, Zak Smith (guitar, lead vocals).

Even though Zak's raspy voice to me, is very indie/alternative rock, i find that because of the bass-guitar combination the genre is very old school, Lynyrd Skynyrd meets a kind of a soft Nirvana -ish rock.

I am absolutely in love with this band. I think they really deserve more attention than they're getting, and I hope you guys can help me help them to get it! This is a brilliant, soulful band with so much charismatic charm and fearless presence. The combination of the raspy vocals and amazing guitar riffs with the rhythmic bass and drums is absolutely breathtaking!

To know more about Zak and the band, check out their homepage, there you can also listen to and download their music!If you like what you hear, go like them on Facebook, where you can see an amazing music video about Occupy Wall St. to one of their new songs: Brand New Party. Also remember to follow them on Twitter!


  1. Miitwaa, have you:

    A) Died
    B) Hate your followers
    C) Been abducted by aliens?

    Why no posts? :/

    1. D) All of the above. I'm so very sorry dear reader. I've been incredibly busy, haven't had much time to post. I do have stuff coming up, patience.

    2. It's allright :D I just had to complain a bit :P but no worries, don't stress too much! :)